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The Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi, founded by Antonio Fanna in 1947 and made part of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in 1978, conserves, in copy, all the music - period manuscripts and prints - composed by Antonio Vivaldi, and modern editions of these, monographic essays and extensive audio and video documentation available to scholars for consultation.

The main activity of the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi is the preparation and publication in modern editions of the Red Priest's music. All the instrumental music (about 550 titles) and the religious and profane vocal music (87 works) have been published with Ricordi. A critical edition of the theatre works, consisting of operas, serenades, oratorios and loose arias is currently being published.
The Institute also publishes a series, "Quaderni vivaldiani", with the publisher Olschki containing the proceedings of study conferences held since 1978, and wide-ranging monographic essays on the life and work of Antonio Vivaldi. With the publisher S.P.E.S. the Istituto published "Vivaldiana" a series of facsimile scores.
In association with Venice University, it published the "Drammaturgia musicale veneta" series, a facsimile edition consisting of 30 titles that describes the evolutionary arc of the melodrama in Venice from 1640 to 1800.

Since 1980 it has been publishing an annual magazine "Studi vivaldiani" distributed worldwide. In the 1970s and 1980s it organised seven productions of the Festival Vivaldi, in association with the Teatro La Fenice, while from 1990 it organised the "Premio Internazionale del Disco Antonio Vivaldi per la musica antica italiana" for twelve consecutive years. It also staged a photography exhibition "Antonio Vivaldi e il suo tempo", which was presented in various cities in Italy and many countries in Europe and America.

Since 2017, the Institute has been organizing "Accademia Vivaldi": masterclasses concerning the performance practice of Vivaldi's music, addressed to young singers and musicians. 


Antonio Vivaldi (materiali cartacei)

This collection consists of all the music composed by Vivaldi (period manuscripts and printed versions) as well as modern editions of all his works, plus monographic essays, journals and articles concerning the composer and his historical and cultural context.

Antonio Vivaldi (supporti sonori)

A collection of around 4,000 sound recordings of pieces of music by Vivaldi.
This collection is divided into three parts: the first is made up of the first Vivaldian recordings on tapes and LPs collected by the Institute, the second consists of LPs and CDs that competed in the 12 editions of the "Premio Internazionale del Disco Antonio Vivaldi per la musica antica italiana"; and the thi...

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