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The Istituto per la Musica holds collections of composers and figures of the Italian musical world active between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twenty-first. The plurality of languages and techniques with which they expressed themselves (from late-Romantic symphonic style to serialism, from Neo-classicism to theatre and audio-visual experimentation) and their different fields of interest are documented by handwritten and printed materials: notes, outlines, sketches, drafts and scores relating to instrumental, vocal and electronic music for dance, theatre, cinema, radio and television. The broad and heterogeneous nature of the documents held by the Institute is reinforced by the large number of manuscript, typed and printed works often produced by the composers - reflecting their involvement also in theoretical, educational and analytical spheres - and the equally large number of playbills, programmes and newspaper cuttings relating to events featuring their music. The Istituto per la Musica documents allow the vibrancy of the musical and, in general, cultural panorama of the Italian and international twentieth century to be appreciated. Materials of use in its reconstruction are the numerous letters held in the individual collections, which document the relations between Italian composers and the main figures on the musical, literary, pictorial and philosophical scene of the last century and the present.


Arrigo Boito

The archive comprises several manuscripts by Arrigo Boito (Padua, 24 February 1842 - Milan, 10 June 1918), formerly belonging to the biographer Piero Nardi, related to the libretto and the composition of the music for Nerone, lectures, research papers and composition exercises.

Alberto Bruni Tedeschi

The archive of the composer Alberto Bruni Tedeschi (Moncalieri, 27 August 1915 - Paris, 17 February 1996) consists of sketches, drafts, autograph scores and printed editions of scores; manuscript and printed librettos; press cuttings; concert programmes; sound recordings; and photographs and slides.

Alfredo Casella

The collection contains the archive of the composer Alfredo Casella (Turin, 25 July 1883 - Rome, 5 March 1947). The body of documents has been arranged into seven series: correspondence, writings, musical manuscripts, concert programmes, reviews and critical writings, photographs and various documents. The original core of the correspondence consists of letters addressed to Alfredo Casella a...

Niccolò Castiglioni

The archive of the composer Niccolò Castiglioni (Milan, 1932-1996) mainly consists of musical manuscripts: about 2,500 pages of sketches, drafts and scores, providing great evidence of Castiglioni's working methods and artistic development. The early phase of his production is copiously documented: from his first works in 1940 to his diploma in composition, obtained in 1953 with Mistero ...

Oscar Chilesotti

The Chilesotti collection was donated to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in 1963 by the Bussandri-Chilesotti families, heirs to the Bassano musicologist Oscar Chilesotti (1848-1916). The collection consists of study materials and transcriptions, in some cases intended for publication, of early music mainly for the lute and similar instruments.

Siro Cisilino

The collection consists of about 700 volumes of handwritten transcriptions of scores made between 1920 and 1980 by the priest Siro Cisilino(Pantianicco di Mereto di Tomba, 4 dicembre 1903 - Codroipo, 4 marzo 1987). The volumes contain sacred and secular polyphonic music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries taken from printed collections and manuscript sources. Working papers and writings ...

Luigi Cortese

The composer's archive (Genoa, 19 November 1899 - 11 June 1976) includes correspondences; autograph and printed scores; writings (manuscripts, printed texts, notes and preparatory material); programmes; press cuttings; sound recordings; photos.

Renato De Grandis

The documents in the Renato De Grandis Archive (Venice, 24 October 1927 - Palmanova (UD), 2 December 2008) provide evidence of the various compositional stages of his vocal and instrumental music and music for theatre (728 pages of sketches, about 1,381 pages of texts and notes on music, 3,347 pages of autograph scores and 77 printed scores). The intense activity of De Grandis as a poet, writer...

Gino Gorini

The collection holds the documentary archive of the Venetian pianist and composer Gino Gorini (Venice, 22 June 1914 - Venice, 27 January 1990). It contains letters, compositions (drafts, handwritten scores, transparencies, heliographic copies with annotations, printed scores); handwritten notes; press cuttings, programmes, promotional material, administrative documents, scores by other authors ...

Domenico Guaccero

The Domenico Guaccero collection (Palo del Colle, 11 April 1927 - Rome, 24 April 1984) contains sketches, drafts and handwritten scores (a total of about 450 pages) relating to his instrumental, vocal and theatre compositions. These handwritten materials, indispensable for understanding his modus operandi, are accompanied by fourteen published scores and about 2500 photocopies and anastatic cop...

Egisto Macchi

The Egisto Macchi collection (Grosseto, 4 August 1928 - Montpellier, 8 August 1992) consists of handwritten materials (about 140 pages of sketches, 3700 drafts, 9000 pages of handwritten scores), 26 stage sketches, printed scores, letters and cuttings that document the various compositional stages (from first idea to performance) of his instrumental, vocal and theatre pieces and music for fi...

Gian Francesco Malipiero

The collection contains the archive of the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero (Venice, 18 March 1882 - Treviso, 1 August 1973), consisting of vast manuscript and printed documentation that covers the entire arc of his career. The considerable correspondence kept by Malipiero with Italian and international cultural figures (including Gabriele D'Annunzio, Luigi Dallapiccola, Hermann Scherchen and ...

Giacomo Manzoni

The collection contains the musical manuscripts of the works composed by Giacomo Manzoni (Milan, 1932) between 1956 and 2014. It includes 142 work dossiers that document the genesis and various stages of the compositional process: preparatory materials (verbal notes, schemes, charts, sketches and drafts), manuscript scores, printing proofs with annotations and numerous born-digital files. The c...

Aurél Milloss

The collection contains about 750 printed scores that belonged to the choreographer Aurél Milloss (Ozora, 12 May 1906 - Rome, 21 September 1988), many of which have annotations relating to the preparation of his choreographies. It is completed by sound recordings, notes and handwritten documents on the choreographer's career.

Franco Oppo

The collection contains the archive of Franco Oppo (Nuoro, 1935 - Cagliari, 2016), composer, theorist, teacher and music organiser. The most conspicuous part is made up of work manuscripts, which document the many facets of the creative process. Numerous notes and various kinds of texts document Oppo's theoretical and didactic engagement. The concerts that presented his compositions, along with...

Ottorino Respighi

The archive of Ottorino Respighi (Bologna, 9 July 1879 - Rome, 18 April 1936) consists of a vast collection of letters, autograph and printed scores, musical sketches, transcriptions, writings, press cuttings, programmes and photographs.

Fausto Romitelli

The collection contains the archive of the composer Fausto Romitelli (Gorizia, 1 February 1963 - Milan, 27 June 2004). The largest section is that of musical manuscripts, made up of about 2000 papers that widely document the complexity of the compositional process, from preparatory sketches of a work to its final draft, through the various stages of defining and revising the musical text. Th...

Nino Rota

The collection contains the archive of the composer Nino Rota (Milan, 3 December 1911 - Rome, 10 April 1979). The main body of documents has been arranged into eight series: concert, chamber works and compositions for the stage (195 dossiers containing preparatory materials, drafts and printed editions); compositions for film and television (152 dossiers containing preparatory and performanc...

Ernesto Rubin de Cervin

The Archive of Ernesto Rubin de Cervin (Venice, 5 July 1936 - 29 March 2013) includes manuscript materials related to his vocal, instrumental and theatre productions (79 pages of sketches and drafts, 52 pages of notes, 1,100 pages of final drafts) and typescripts of texts on musical topics presented during various public events (around 300 pages). Rubin de Cervin's work as a composer is documen...

Giovanni Salviucci

The Giovanni Salviucci collection (Rome, 26 October 1907 - 4 September 1937) contains 679 pages with his vocal and instrumental pieces, accompanied by about 550 drafts of these pieces and 11 printed scores. It is completed by 265 handwritten and typed pages; press articles (about 250 pages) and 215 press cuttings; 107 letters, 129 programmes and 249 photographs. The catalogue of compositions,...

Egida Sartori

The archive of Egida Sartori (Feltre, 14 September 1910 - Rome, 30 July 1999) contains documents and items belonging to the harpsichordist and early music teacher: letters; printed scores; writings (first drafts and printed versions); sound recordings; and musical instruments. The documents are currently being catalogued.

Camillo Togni

The collection contains the documentary archive of the composer Camillo Togni (Gussago, 18 October 1922 - Brescia, 28 November 1993), organised into thematic dossiers by works that include variously distributed preparatory materials, drafts, printed scores, introductory notes and analyses, letters, programmes and reviews. There are also drafts and printed editions of Togni's writings; interview...

Roman Vlad

The collection of Roman Vlad (Cernauti, 29 December 1919 - Rome, 21 September 2013) contains the composer's documentary archive consisting of about 15,000 pages of handwritten documents (verbal notes, sketches, drafts, scores) and other material (transparencies, heliographic copies, photocopies, concert programs) documenting the different stages of the genesis and first performances of his in...

Access to the Archives

Consultation of the documents held in the collections is allowed to all those who make a justified request to do so. Requests must be sent to at least one week earlier. Consultation is made in the rooms of the Nuova Manica Lunga library from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5.30pm.
Consultation of the documents is subject to the regulations in force, with particular reference to the decree law 196 of 30 June 2003 ("Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali"), decree law 42 of 22 January 2004 ("Codice dei beni culturali e del paesaggio") and subsequent amendments.
Ask an archivist. Requests for information and precise checks on the materials held in the collections may be made to before and after their consultation.

Photomechanical reproduction (photocopying, photography, scanning etc.) and the duplication of sound and audio-visual sources are not permitted. The Istituto per la Musica makes reproductions for publishing or commercial purposes with prior authorisation from the direction. Requests for authorisation must be made following the indications given by the Institute. The conditions for publication of the content of documents in whole or partial transcription are indicated in the consultation access form.


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