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The collection of Roman Vlad (Cernauti, 29 December 1919 - Rome, 21 September 2013) contains the composer's documentary archive consisting of about 15,000 pages of handwritten documents (verbal notes, sketches, drafts, scores) and other material (transparencies, heliographic copies, photocopies, concert programs) documenting the different stages of the genesis and first performances of his instrumental, vocal and electronic compositions for theatre and dance. There are also verbal texts (manuscript and typed with corrections, and printed), i.e. drafts of reviews, articles, public talks and scripts for radio and television broadcasts; about 8000 letters and drafts that document exchanges of letters between the late 1940s and the 21st century with representative figures of the fields of music, literature, cinema, and philosophy; 355 photographs; more than 10,000 press cuttings with reviews and articles relating to concerts featuring pieces by him and/or others; 79 tapes; more than 300 printed scores of 20th century composers; printed magazines (from the 1940s to the 2000s) in some cases annotated by Vlad.

The correspondence and music for theatre are currently being described.

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