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The Domenico Guaccero collection (Palo del Colle, 11 April 1927 - Rome, 24 April 1984) contains sketches, drafts and handwritten scores (a total of about 450 pages) relating to his instrumental, vocal and theatre compositions. These handwritten materials, indispensable for understanding his modus operandi, are accompanied by fourteen published scores and about 2500 photocopies and anastatic copies relating to the definitive versions of the pieces; a total of 230 tapes, LPs and cassettes; 300 letters, mainly addressed to and received from Italian and foreign composers; annotated books and magazines; press cuttings. Handwritten and typed notes (about 4800 pages) and 540 brochures and playbills are also part of the collection. These are heterogeneous documents that witness Guaccero's intense activity, also in theoretical, didactic and organisational areas.

The catalogue of the compositions and correspondence is available. The catalogue of writings is under way.

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