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The collection contains the archive of Franco Oppo (Nuoro, 1935 - Cagliari, 2016), composer, theorist, teacher and music organiser. The most conspicuous part is made up of work manuscripts, which document the many facets of the creative process. Numerous notes and various kinds of texts document Oppo's theoretical and didactic engagement. The concerts that presented his compositions, along with important events like the Giornate di Musica Contemporanea (1977-78) and the Festival Spaziomusica (1982-), of which Oppo was the main promoter, are widely documented by concert programmes, press cuttings and a very rich correspondence that he himself carefully kept and ordered. Music, philosophy and science books and magazines illustrate the composer's broad cultural horizons, from linguistics to mathematics and from structuralism to the Sardinian music of oral tradition. In addition to the papers, the collection includes many sound recordings, mostly unpublished, on magnetic tape, cassettes and CDs.

The archive is currently being re-ordered and described.

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