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The Archive of Ernesto Rubin de Cervin (Venice, 5 July 1936 - 29 March 2013) includes manuscript materials related to his vocal, instrumental and theatre productions (79 pages of sketches and drafts, 52 pages of notes, 1,100 pages of final drafts) and typescripts of texts on musical topics presented during various public events (around 300 pages). Rubin de Cervin's work as a composer is documented by 40 audiocassettes and 10 CDs of his music. The archive also includes materials related to Rubin de Cervin's extra-musical interests: 64 notebooks with philosophical and literary notes and 29 typescripts of his texts (poetry, prose and translations). The archive is completed by his correspondence, comprising more than 600 letters or rough copies, press cuttings and promotional materials.

The texts are currently being catalogued.

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