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The Fondazione Giorgio Cini's Istituto Interculturale di Studi Musicali Comparati (IISMC), founded by Alain Daniélou in 1969, has promoted since its inception courses, seminars, conferences and public performances on the different music of the world and an intercultural approach to music studies. The documentation of its own activities and the acquisition of archive collections of particular importance relating to the study of Italian, European and non-European music of oral traditions come into the sphere of this activity. It has in this way over the years established an important archive, which consists of several diverse collections with various kinds of support:

• a collection of edited (and, at the time, available for sale) LPs and CDs relating to world music, including the Unesco Collection of Traditional Music of the World, published in association with the IISMC, under the direction of Alain Daniélou in the 1970s. The Ennio Vacca donation must also be considered within this collection. The Vacca collection includes about 1500 CDs and about 500 LPs published between the 1950s and 1990s, relating to Oriental music, with particular reference to India, central Asia and the Maghreb;

• a collection of written documents concerning the activities of the IISMC between 1969 and 1979 when it mainly promoted meetings among the organisers of European festivals interested in promoting world music and published the series of LPs in association with Unesco;

• the Daniélou Collection, donated by Alain Daniélou to the Fondazione Cini in 1971, consisting of nearly a thousand books on Indian music, philosophy, art and religion, a collection of more than 300 manuscript copies of Indian music treatises gathered from various libraries in India and a collection of about 300,000 catalogue-graphic files compiled on subjects relating to Indian music, philosophy and culture;

• a collection of about 400 ethno-musicological books and magazines, now part of the Fondazione Cini library.

It is thus a considerably large archive, with collections of importance in themselves, made even more important by the fact that, although by nature very different, they are found together in a single place, which tends to grow in perspective.


Archivio eventi

This archive documents the activities promoted by the IICMS in Venice, starting from 1979. The items are organised chronologically, year by year, and are related to the various events (concerts, shows, conferences, seminars, courses and workshops) for which there is a documentation on paper (posters, concert programmes and teaching materials) and, especially since 2008, also audio and video ...

Fondo storico IISMC - primo decennio (1969-1979)

The IICMS Historical Collection preserves the documentation from its first decade of life (1969-1979), i.e. the period when the institute was directed by Alain Daniélou. It consists of paper documents of various kinds (printed material, typescripts and manuscripts): from correspondence to concert programmes, reports by Daniélou, conferences proceedings up to the textual and photographic docu...

Fondo Alain Daniélou

Donated by Alain Daniélou to the Fondazione Cini in 1971, the archive consists of a collection of books on music, philosophy, arts and religions of India; over 300 manuscript copies of Indian treatises on music from various libraries in India; and about 300,000 index cards on topics related to Indian music, philosophy and culture.

Raccolta 1 - Francesco Giannattasio, Elisabetta Zuanelli Sonino, Diego Carpitella - Chioggia 1983-84

Collection 1 contains the documentation produced during field research into the musical folklore of Chioggia, promoted by IICMS and carried out by Francesco Giannattasio, Elisabetta Zuanelli Sonino and Diego Carpitella, in the years 1983 and 1984. The collection also includes some documents that are the result of subsequent processing of the data collected by Giannattasio: a report and an et...

Fondo Ennio Vacca

The Ennio Vacca Collection comprises around 1,500 CDs and 500 LPs published from the 1950s to the 1990s, featuring Eastern music, mainly from India, Central Asia and the Maghreb.

Fondo Marcello Conati

Collezione LP - musicassette - CD

This collection of LPs and CDs (originally available on the market) of worldwide music, includes the "UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World", which also contains LPs published by UNESCO in collaboration with the IICMS, under the direction of Alain Daniélou in the 1970s.

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