definition: stampa


identification: Sibilla che legge
: Sybil reading


Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, Bequest of W. G. Russell Allen, Europe, Prints and Drawings


type of acquisition: donazione
first name: W.G. Russell Allen
Boston, 1964


sec. XVI, primo quarto
1517 ca. - 1518 ca.



secondo stato (di due) ?


xilografia; chiaroscuro; mm 279 x 225 ca.,
medium material: carta
watermark: da rilevare






type of material: indicazione di responsabilità
writing technique: a stampa
fonts: lettere capitali
transcription: .R.

type of material: documentaria
writing technique: a penna
fonts: corsivo e numeri arabi
transcription: P. Mariette 1666



Chiaroscuro woodcut from 2 blocks, green/gray, possible state ii
Inscriptions: “R” and “R.V.I.” in the tone block

States: possibly two states. In second state, the letters “R. V. I.” may have been recut.

See comment in ALU.0941.1 from
Naoko Takahatake, The Chiaroscuro Woodcut in Renaissance Italy, exhibition catalogue, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, June-September 2018, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C, October 2018-January 2019, DelMonico Books/Prestel, Munich-London-New York, 2018, pp.69-72.

Impressions of possible state i:

-Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, DC, FP-XVI-C298, no. 10 (A size) https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2008678911/ ALU.0941.1
-Albertina 2002/301: light brown https://sammlungenonline.albertina.at/m/?query=search=/record/objectnumbersearch=[DG2002%2f301]&showtype=record
-Albertina 2002/302: blue/black https://www.graphikportal.org/document/gpo00080106
-Frankfurt 33931: blue/black, like Library of Congress (wmk: heartshaped crossbow?)
-BnF RESERVE EA 26 (I) BOITE FOL: blue/black, like Library of Congress
-Chatsworth vol IV. Fol. 41, no. 62: blue/black
-MMA 22.73.3-12: light brown/black (wmk: bull in profile) https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/632829
-Achenbach 1963.30.702: light brown/black https://art.famsf.org/ugo-da-carpi/sibyl-child-holding-torch-after-chiaroscuro-woodcut-ugo-da-carpi-after-raphael-0
-MFA Boston 64.1076: blue/black https://collections.mfa.org/objects/167802/sibyl-reading
-MFA Boston 64.1075: brown/black https://collections.mfa.org/objects/167799/sibyl-reading
-Budapest 6151: red/black http://printsanddrawings.hu/search/prints/6151/
-Fitzwilliam light brown/black

Other impressions of possible state ii:

-Albertina 2002/303: green/black https://www.graphikportal.org/document/gpo00080102
-Harvard M9807: mint green/gray (wmk: heartshaped crossbow 50 mm) https://hvrd.art/o/253946
-BnF EA39 Res: mint green/gray (wmk: heartshaped crossbow)
-Escorial 28-1-19 fol. 106: yellow-ocher https://rbmecat.patrimonionacional.es/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=31872&query_desc=kw%2Cwrdl%3A%20ugo%20da%20carpi
-Windsor 850629: light brown/black https://www.rct.uk/collection/search#/7/collection/850629
-Achenbach 1963.30.706: brown/black
-Stanford 1986.148: green http://cantorcollection.stanford.edu/objects-1/info?query=mfs%20all%20%22ugo%20da%20carpi%22&page=2
-V&A Dyce.997:green http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O1152921/print-carpi-ugo-da/
-PMA 1963-42-2 https://www.philamuseum.org/collections/permanent/227339.html
-Rijksmuseum RP-P-OB-31.045: light brown/black

NB: there are several late impressions that show wear to the blocks (including wormholes and breaks)

Late impressions, with wormholes:

-Munich 6081: light blue, later (wmk: imperial orb)
-Budapest 6150: green/gray http://printsanddrawings.hu/search/prints/6150/
-BnF EA39 Res: oily brown/black (wmk: crown surmounted by a star in circle, early 17th Century?)
-MMA 2012.136.336: brown/black (wmk: crown surmounted by a star in circle) https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/397554
-Berlin: brown/black (wmk: crown surmounted by a star in circle)
-Berlin: brown/black (wmk: eagle in circle)
-MMA 22.73.3-11: brown/black https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/632830
-Harvard R1781: brown/black https://hvrd.art/o/242353
-MFA Boston P1688: oily brown/black (wmk: crown surmounted by a star in circle) https://collections.mfa.org/objects/109707/sibyl-reading
-Ashmolean WA1863.1697: brown/black https://collections.ashmolean.org/object/291902
-Harvard G7484: red-brown/black https://hvrd.art/o/273392
-Marucelliana III, 60: light brown/black
-Rijksmuseum RP-P-OB-31.046: light brown/black
-Rijksmuseum RP-P-OB-31.047: light brown/black (wmk: imperial orb)
-Blanton 1997.11: light blue/black http://collection.blantonmuseum.org/objects-1/info?query=mfs%20all%20%22ugo%20da%20carpi%22&page=2
-ETH D.9: brown/black https://doi.org/10.16903/ethz-grs-D_000009
-Baselitz Collection (Gnann 71): brown/black

Impressions of key-block only (with wormholes)

-Achenbach 1963.30.701
-MFA Boston 64.1078 https://collections.mfa.org/objects/167810/sibyl-reading


type of material: fotografia digitale
ente proprietario: Boston, Museum of Fine Arts ©


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Takahatake N., 2020
Takahatake N., Atlante delle xilografie italiane del Rinascimento, ALU.0941.2, https://archivi.cini.it/storiaarte/detail/46469/stampa-46469.html
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