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Tipo titolo:proprio
Cronologia: 25 agosto 1952 , Data di copiatura
Tipologia documentaria:manoscritti
Tipologia specifica: Sangita
Descrizione fisica:
  • 299 ff., 347 x 235 mm
Collocazione: IISMC
segnatura precedente: Ms 781.30 (Segnatura Dewey)

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F. [2], 299, [2] (r\v each f. preceded and followed by guard f.); 34,7 x 23,5 x 3,5 cm; paper bound, black ink with red ink and pencil corrections. Title and mūrti of God Ganesh imprinted in gold on the hardcover.
Good state of preservation; complete.


A hand-written f. stitched on the hardcover, blue ink with indexing information.

Incipit (f. 1):

तत्ततं आदौ वाद्यस्य चतुर्विधमुच्यतेः -
तत्रतं सुषिरं चावनध्दं घनमिति स्मृतम् । चतुर्थ तत्र पूर्वाभ्यां श्रुत्यादिद्वारतो भवेत् ॥ १ ॥
गीतं ततोऽवनध्देन रज्यते मीयते घनात् । वध्यं तन्त्री ततं वध्यं सुषिरात्सुषिरं मतम् ॥ २ ॥

Explicit (f. 299):

अभिनवभरतसारसङ्ग्रहाख्ये श्रीवेङ्कटेथ्वर पादारविद्नाङ्किते
ग्रनथद्वितीयाख्यायां भरतसञ्जीविन्यां नादादि
गीतगुणान्तप्रपञ्चोनाम पञ्चमोध्यायः ॥

Contents: A work of the first half of 17th cent. on South Indian musical theory by the ruler of Madhugiri, Mummaḍi Cikkabhūpāla alias Cikkappagauḍa or Sappegauḍa. The treatise gives details on the musical practice of that time in Karnataka and Tanjore. The portion of work available in this Ms - two ādyāya-s - deals with instruments, vādya, and songs, gīta (compositions and merit/defects of the singer).
Lingua:Sanskrit, Devanāgarī.
Stato di conservazione:buono
Esistenza e localizzazione degli originali:Original Ms n. A 65; 211 ff., Kannaḍa script; incomplete.
Luogo di conservazione degli originali: Mysore
Ente in cui sono conservati gli originali: Mysore University Library
Note:The author in the manuscript is referred to as Mummaḍi Cikkabhūpāla.
Riferimenti bibliografici:BAKE, Arnold H., Review of ʻThe Vedic Octave and Extracts from the Sangīta Sāra in Abhinava Bharata Sāra Sangrahaʼ, in «Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, New Series, LXXXVIII», 1956, 109-111

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