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Titolo:"Bharata-bhāṣya I"
Tipo titolo:proprio
Cronologia: 1950 - 1952 , Data di copiatura
Tipologia documentaria:manoscritti
Tipologia specifica: Sangita
Descrizione fisica:
  • 379 ff., 219 x 172 mm
Collocazione: IISMC
segnatura precedente: Ms 781.47-49 (Segnatura Dewey)

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F. [1], 379, [1]; 21,9 x 17,2 x 4,2 cm; paper bound, black ink with corrections and hand-written notes of transl. in Eng. in front of the Sanskrit text.
Fair state of preservation; complete.

Incipit (f. 2):

॥ श्रीगुरूभ्यो नम: ॥
बह्वकारै(ः) विरचितवपुर्यो खिलस्थानकस्थो [।]
स्तोकं शोकं नुदति नितरां य: श्रुतिग्रामवर्त्ती ।
योलङ्कारैरधिकसुभगो रागपूराभिगम्यो [।]
वन्दे कालत्रितयमहितं माधवं तं च [तत्त्व]नादम् ॥ १ ॥

Explicit (f. 379):

यत्स्वायथो नृपनयविर्दा ये च नरकृत्रयेऽपि ।
तद्यावार्यजयति िवहि(?)तामुधिसम्यग्विजातिं ।
जात्याध्यायं विधितवि(बु)धप्रीतये नान्यदेवः ॥ ४६ ॥

इतिनान्यदेवविरचिते भरतभाष्ये
जातिकाध्यायः समाप्त ॥ ६ ॥

Contents: An extensive work on music of the beginning of the 12th cent. (between 1097 and 1133 A.D.). The treatise is closely linked to the Vedic rites and rhythms of life and it does not deal with flute. It is divided into four sections, the first one deals with saṅgīta. According to Gode's Catalogue, Bharata-bhāṣya is ʻchiefly indebted to Abhinavaguptaʼ. The portion in this Ms and the other three that follow below comprise ch.1-8, except for the 6th that is missing. In this Ms only the first 3 ch. occur.
Lingua:Sanskrit, Devanāgarī; English.
Stato di conservazione:discreto
Esistenza e localizzazione degli originali:Original Ms n. 111, cat. n. 312; complete.
Luogo di conservazione degli originali: Pune
Ente in cui sono conservati gli originali: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Note:Danielou's ms notes in English appear in the text.
Riferimenti bibliografici:GODE, Parashuraman Krishna, Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Collections of Manuscripts, XII, Poona, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 1936, 377-383

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